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Monday, April 04, 2011

Lessons Learned - Salisbury RR

An experience is only as good for you as the lessons learned from it. Second race of the season, felt better than the first, and starting to get over the lazy winter non-motivation. Well...THAT, in itself, is progress. Lessons learned this weekend: 11) I came very close to zipping that 8-week old German Shorthaired Pointer into my jersey and riding like hell home with him. That thing was beyond adorable. 10) Good brakes are better than crappy brakes. Thanks, B, for birthday present. My non-cycling friends don't quite understand, but I can already tell the difference. Yay Shimano. 9) Starbucks oatmeal makes a great pre-race ritual. So does not having to drive. Thanks, Roy & Ryan, for the lift. 8) I will ALWAYS prefer roof, fork-mounted bike racks to the trunk racks. Turning around to see your bike leaning parallel to the ground, flapping in the wind because one strap came loose is NOT a good feeling. 7 ) Caffeine as a stimulant....works! Especially when you give it up for the month prior and then down a skinny vanilla latte for breakfast. I think I STILL feel the caffeine in my system this morning. 6) If Monika and Lindsay take over at the front of the pack and start chatting, you'd better get ready to haul a$s. 5) I CAN chase after being dropped and get back on the pack. #1 goal for the day was met. 4) It's ok to feel pain. It means you're alive, right? And hopefully, it means you are closing the gap. 3) So when I do finally get dropped for real, it helps to have others to work with. Great to have Jen from Sturdy Girl and Annie from Breakaway to help block some some of that wind. 2) I need to work on my sprint or figure out how to be smarter at the end. It's disappointing to lead on the uphill finish only to get passed in the last 100m. 1) Train. Every day.