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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The need for speed...

One thing is for sure. I could never live in Seattle. If the past week's weather is any indication of what it's like out there...no-sir-ee-bob. Three words: This weather sucks. I was considering posting a blog with just those three words, but thought better of it.

The rain came down for DAYS. And not just your normal sprinkle here and there. I'd look out the window at work and there'd be a light mist...two minutes later the heavens would have opened up and it was a downpour unlike any other. I think there was a constant 2 inches of standing water in the parking lot, all day long.

Unfortunately, this weather meant that my bike stayed in the garage. It is truly bad trail ettiquete to ride in this type of weather, or to ride immediately after it, as knobby tires will do nothing but tear up the trail. Cranky Monkey was post-poned on Sunday, and the next WAW series today was post-poned for two weeks.

I've got wicked cabin fever, so it kills me to stay inside. The sun is actually out today, but tonight's race has already been called. I hope we continue to see sun for the next few weeks and things dry up. The weather has put me in a training funk...no desire to do much of anything, and the only thing I want to do (MTB), I can't.